Houghton County Emergency Measures

Houghton County Emergency Measures

906.482.6400 [Phone]

Staff & Contacts

Christopher Van Arsdale
Emergency Measures Director


Houghton County Office of Emergency Measures (OEM) is responsible for coordinating response and relief activities in the face of man-made or natural disasters, thereby protecting the lives of the people and their property.

By using a cooperative system that includes private business, industry, volunteer organizations, governmental agencies and other public and private service groups, the most efficient response to disasters can be provided.

OEM works closely with local municipalities to identify and analyze potentially hazardous situations. Detailed contingency plans are formed, tested and regularly updated.

The common thread in all emergency response is to save lives and protect property. By Utilizing and coordinating the expertise of business and industry, support of local governments and assistance from community organizations, our resources are better protected and utilized.

Mass Notification System

Signup to receive emergency alerts from the county by creating an account on our mass notification system. You may opt-in to receive weather alerts also, if you wish. You may choose to provide additional information about your residence but it is not required.