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2022 Election Inspector Training & Certification

Serve as a PAID Election Inspector during the 2022-2023 election years.

Cities and Townships in Houghton County are going to be training/certifying the Election Inspectors for the next two (2) years beginning in May 2022. We are recruiting individuals ages 16 and older to serve their community.

Election Workers make voting possible! They are responsible for:

- Verifying voter registration

- Issuing ballots

- Managing the E-Poll Book

- Ensuring voter privacy and ballot secrecy

- Problem solving and troubleshooting

- Managing ballot tabulators for absolute accuracy

- Ensuring the accuracy of critical data

- Welcoming voters into the precincts on Election Day

Applications are available at your City or Township Clerk, or at the County Clerk’s Office or you can print the application below and complete the application and return it to the City or Township Clerk where you reside or wish to work.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Kelly, Houghton County Clerk at 906-482-1150 or by email at countyclerk@houghtoncounty.net.

CLICK HERE to download the application.